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MPG Boost product - provides 20-30% fuel economy. Unlike most of the additives, chemicals and additives available on the market, the MPG product works with the combustion chamber itself, dissolving in the fuel, the active elements of the MPG are activated when ignited, acting as a catalyst, completing the process of complete efficient combustion of fuel in the engine. It was possible to develop a method for guiding a catalytic coating in combustion chambers, due to which the fuel no longer burns out in the manifold of the entire exhaust system of the car, but completely burns out in the chamber and gives off maximum energy. Counteracts the harmful effects of sulfur molecules and other impurities in the fuel as it is used, preventing sludge build-up in the engine. Your engine runs quietly, smoothly, energetically. You benefit from increased mileage on the same amount of fuel. There is a 20-30% fuel economy and a 60-90% reduction in harmful exhaust emissions. Your car becomes less dependent on fuel quality at different fuel stations. You are simply enjoying the dynamics of your vehicle. The motor resource increases by 1.5-2 times. This is a biocatalyst for fuel combustion, when added to a gas tank (both gas and diesel fuel are suitable), a catalytic film is formed, which allows you to burn all fuel by 100%. This product provides savings of 20-30%, i.e. every fourth, and sometimes the third tank will be free for you. Bottle capacity 236 ml. Saving 500 liters of gasoline from one bottle, saving about 21,000 rubles per year of using the product. and more. This is real! The certificate is attached. One bottle holds about 60 tanks. This product is organic. When using it, one steam comes out of the muffler, there is no exhaust gas. SD for measurements - 0.06, experts do not believe their eyes. AI-92 is better suited - this is according to the assessment of those using the product. The price of one bottle is 400 rubles. Manufactured by FFI (USA). The product is suitable for all brands of gasoline, diesel fuel and cars of any modification. REMEMBER! The product is 100% effective! The effect is guaranteed. https://www.youtube.com/watch? - see video. I will send it by mail.

MPG-BOOST provides:

an increase in the octane number of the fuel to 4.7 octane units, an increase in the cetane number of the fuel to 2.0 units;

accelerating fuel combustion at the beginning of the compression stroke, increasing engine power;

improved removal of unburned fuel residues from the combustion chamber;

improving the performance of spark plugs and injectors;

extending the life of the engine exhaust system and catalyst;

reduction of engine detonation;

reduction of various mechanical noises, which contributes to the improvement of ride quality;

improving the ignition system at extreme temperatures in winter and summer, as well as increasing engine power at high speeds and steep climbs;

real fuel economy by 6 - 23% and more;

extended engine life;

reduction of over 60% of CO, harmful exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere.

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